Deus ex Machina – Theros Gods

Theros Gods

By Patrick Stinson 9/3/2013

Since Theros was announced there has been interest from the masses about the strength of the Gods.  Theros the first in a new booster block for Magic: The Gathering is hitting the market in early October with pre-release events late September.  There has been much speculation about this set because of the release of new classes of creatures known as Gods.  As of today a total of 63 of the total 249 card set has been leaked to the public either by Wizards of the Coast or through other means.  I will touch on a few of the new cards that have been spoiled known as Gods and the new mechanics for these cards and how I think they will further the game and how I might play them.

Theros GodHeliod, God of Sun has a lot going for it and I anticipate this seeing a lot of standard play.  First off, like all the announced Gods it is indestructible.  Getting an indestructible creature out on turn four that gives your other creatures vigilance is a great card to have.

One of the down sides to Heliod and the other Gods is the new devotion mechanic.  This mechanic makes you count the number of mana symbols that relate to each God.  In this case the white mana symbol and unless you have 5 of these showing on the battlefield (not the graveyard) your God is not a creature.  Wizards is playing with the common religious myths of Gods walking around a man.  That can only happen if there are believers or in this case devotion.  So it may be some time before the God can actually attack or block but giving the rest of your creatures of any colors vigilance that can’t be destroyed is a great power alone. Lastly giving you the ability to create 2/1 tokens all day as an activated ability is also a big help and will pair nicely with the under utilized Strionic Resonator in M14.
Theros GodThassa, God of the Sea shares the same devotion element and indestructibility as Heliod.  It also has a Scry ability that has been used in older versions of Magic and has found its way back to standard. Scrying is looking at the top card or cards of your library and deciding to leave them in place or to move them to the bottom of the deck.  This is a great mechanic for blue when you are looking for that perfect control card on your next draw.  It’s activated ability lets you create an unblockable creature for a turn giving AEtherling some friends to win the game with.


Theros God

Purphorus, God of the Forge is indestructible and needs devotion too. But whenever you get another creature on the battlefield that you control it does 2 damage to you opponents.  Pairing this with Young Pyromancer or Assemble the Legion will cause the game to end by Turn 6.  This is another great contender for using Strionic Resonator.  And its activated ability gives your creatures +1/+0 until the end of the turn for the low cost of {2r}.


Theros God

Nylea, God of the Hunt again indestructible and in need of devotion gives all the creatures on the battlefield trample.  So watch out chump blockers that 32/32 Kolonian Hydra is coming through no matter what.  It also has +2/+2 for creatures until end of the turn for only {3g}

Theros God

The Black God will be titled Erobos, God of the underworld also costs  {3b} and is indestructible and again needs devotion. This God also has a way to keep Archangel of Thune at bay from gaining life with its passive ability of not letting your opponents gain life.  And for those of you who need to get to that next card in your library uyou can pay 2 life and tap {1b} to draw a card.

So far though I think the best God so far is Purphorus with Heliod coming in with a close second.  Am I right, let me know in our comments section.  Also do you have any ideas for decks using these creatures;  I would love to hear your ideas.